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Product Description

The bands are ideal for Strength training Physical therapy Home workouts Body shaping Weight loss

The Features of the Latex Tube: Made of natural latex material, easy to decompose.

High elasticity: The general tensile force can be 3-6 times in its own range, and the maximum tensile force can reach 8 times.

Durable: Our Letsfit resistance tube is not easy to be deformed and not easy to break.

Other functions: Anti-static and anti-radiation.

Note: Children are forbidden to use without the help of adults, so as to avoid rebound injure.

The safe stretch range of the tube is 3-6 times its own length and should be used within this range.

Pulling too long will affect its service life.

The tube will have an oxidation reaction, which is turning white.

The best way to solve the problem is to apply silicone oil, hand cream or moisturizer to on it and put it into a sealed storage bag after use to reduce contact with air.

Packing List:                                                                 

  • 5 Resistance Levels in 5 Colors
  • Our exercise bands include 5 resistance levels in 5 colors, providing a wide selection for your different needs.
  • Yellow: for beginners or physical therapy.
  • Blue: for intermediate workouts
  • Green: for active users.
  • Black: for experienced users.
  • Red: for large muscle groups like legs.

5 x Bands (10/20/30/40/50lbs)

1 x Door anchor                                                          

2 x Cushioned handles

2 x Cushioned ankle straps

1 x Waterproof carrying bag

1 x User manual


150 LBS Resistance Bands, 11pcs Workout Bands Resistance Bands Set with 5 Stackable Exercise Resistance Bands for Men Home Workout Equipment.

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